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From our top chefs

François Cormier


EGP offers products to its customers that arrive directly from the fisheries without any intermediary.

Once arrived at our facility in Montreal, both fish and seafood are prepared and distributed to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, fish markets, and supermarkets. With its fleet of trucks, EGP can provide same-day delivery in the Greater Montreal, area from Monday to Saturday, whiles, also servicing the Ontario and Maritime markets in the same week.


« We’ve been in business over 50 years and have been dealing with En Gros Pierre since the company was born. With their continued support, we have been able to offer the freshest products at the best prices to our valued customers. Always service with a smile through the phone, they are a reliable & trustworthy supplier. »

- Poissonnerie Falero

Poissonnerie Falero