EGP offers outstanding customer service combined with a knowledgeable and experienced team, a respect for the highest standards of quality and a reliable and consistent product offer.

EGP is a leader in the fish and seafood distribution sectors. With its own processing facilities, EGP can provide a full range of services to restaurants, retail fish markets, hotels, distributors, educational and medical institutions, and various food chains. 

« We’ve been in business over 50 years and have been dealing with En Gros Pierre since the company was born. With their continued support, we have been able to offer the freshest products at the best prices to our valued customers. Always service with a smile through the phone, they are a reliable & trustworthy supplier. »

- Poissonnerie Falero

Poissonnerie Falero

« I have been working with En Gros Pierre for many years, throughout this time they have helped me uphold the standards and quality my customers expect. My representative has helped me devise a menu in which I can be confident, as well as the pride in knowing that I am using the highest of quality in SQF certified products. »

Chef Scott Geiring - Carambola Café

Carambola Café

« I would really like to thank the team that works at En Gros Pierre. For the past twenty-odd years, I have had nothing but excellent service all around. From the employees in the sales department that take my orders and who are kind enough to call me if I forget to call them, to the people in the accounting department, who are patient and answer my questions and finally to the delivery person who brings me my order. The service and quality of En Gros Pierre has made us a long term customer. In all of these years, I have been approached many times by others wanting to replace them, but there has never been any reason to do so. Therefore, I say cheers to the company and keep up the good work. The reputation you have built is invaluable. »

Chef Joseph Trgovcevic - Breakfast Club / Piazza Pazza

Breakfast Club / Piazza Pazza

« Thank you to the EGP team and especially to my representative for always delivering the freshest quality fish and seafood. The service received is guaranteed to be the best in the industry. This is why we have been doing business with EGP for the past 15 years. I always look forward to my next order. »

Chef Mario Jorge Ferreira - Le Crystal

Le Crystal

« Fresh and high-quality products, dynamic and personalized service; En Gros Pierre is an obvious fit for our business! »

- L'INTERMARCHÉ Boyer - At the heart of the the plateau

L'INTERMARCHÉ Boyer - At the heart of the the plateau